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Late #made4math Integer Counters and Interactive Notebook Info Sheet August 7, 2012

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It’s Made4Math Tuesday!  To hell with alliteration (I don’t mean it; I love you alliteration)!  Yesterday and today’s plans were switcherooed, so I’m posting today.  Today was to be spent in my classroom with my mom (best new teacher resource ever: retired-teacher mom), but we ended up going yesterday.  Soon there will be pictures, but it’s not ready yet and right now THERE ARE GIANT ROACHES ALL OVER.  I’m telling myself it’s because they just sprayed, but I have a feeling I will be handing out lots of extra credit to students for roach removal from the classroom.

On to things I’ve made!  The first one is actually from a year ago.  Behold!  Lima bean integer counters!


Lima beans + spray paint on one side.  They won’t last you forever, as many of them break or chip, but they are super cheap to make  in mass quantities (especially when you already have bright orange spray paint for an unknown reason).  After a year of use I’ve only had to throw away a handful.    Also,  the students seemed to like them.  A number of beans ended up with smiley faces drawn on, but none of them ended up with frowny faces, so I think that is positive feedback!


I’m trying interactive notebooks for the first time, and while there are many fabulous pre-made and generously shared info sheets, I needed to tweak them a bit for my particular classes.  I drew heavily from Everybody is a Genius and Ms. Dyer’s Class.  I’m not sure if I’m even going to end up going with this or not.  I might change up the left-side questions to activities.  And I wonder if less would be more (as in less rules listed). I also haven’t  proofread it since I made it.  It’s made to print double-sided and fold in half to be glued into a composition notebook.  Anyway, here it is in .doc format so you can have a starting place and change it up as it fits you.  (Still new at wordpress, so I hope this works.) SK’s Interactive Notebook Info Sheet