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#MyFavFriday – Favorite Freebie August 3, 2012

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1. For my first My Favorite Friday, I’m posting an awesome teacher freebie.  I have to confess, though, I have not taken advantage of this.  So how can it still be my favorite?  Because it’s hard to beat a free annual pass to Sea World!  Teachers in Texas and Florida can get a free pass (supposedly SoCA, too, but that link is dead and I can’t find current info on it).  Apparently they have been doing this for years, but I just heard about it a couple months ago.  Go here for info.  I hear they are strict about the credential and paystub, so make sure you go prepared.  I’m actually suppose to be there today with a group of teacher buddies (and meeting another math teacher for the first time), but I woke up sick.  😦  Booooo.  We were even going to EAT UNDERWATER!  I guess I’ll just tell myself it’s better to get sick now than once school starts.  But I still reserve the right to pout.

I am not here today, but I could be for FREE.

2. It looks like people are posting recipes, too.  Er, I don’t cook much, so it’s hard to have a favorite.  However, I’ve actually cooked a new recipe twice in the past two weeks, once even for guests (ok, my parents who live two blocks away, but it’s the first time we’ve had people to our house for dinner, so for now they count as guests).  Zucchini Burgers!  Inspired by a trip to Ruby Tuesday, I found this recipe on Pinterest. I changed it by removing the carrots (because I forgot to buy them) and adding roasted red peppers (from a jar).  The patties themselves are still pretty good when reheated, and the mix can be made ahead and cooked the next day. I still think it needs a little something, but everyone else thought they were great as is (and none of us are vegetarians).


One Response to “#MyFavFriday – Favorite Freebie”

  1. druinok Says:

    I am SO sorry for missing this last week! I really wish I lived in FL or TX… Sea World is a blast!

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